2021-2022 Resident Class


Jason Acevedo, PharmD


Email: Jason.Acevedo@ascension.org

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida

Undergraduate Program and Degree/Major: University of South Florida (St. Petersburg Campus), Bachelor of Science in Biology with Biomedical Concentration

Pharmacy School: University of Florida, Jacksonville Campus

Medical Interests: Critical Care/Cardiology

Why St. Vincent’s Riverside: I chose St. Vincent’s Riverside because it had everything I was looking for in a residency program. There’s a variety of rotations to choose from, the opportunity to complete a teaching certificate, and amazing preceptors to foster my training. Furthermore, St. Vincent’s is dedicated to giving back to the community, which is something that is important for me and will be participating in.  

Career Goal: Further my training by completing a PGY2 in Critical Care. Afterwards, I want to work as a critical care pharmacist precepting students.

Interests/Hobbies:  Working out, going to the beach, bowling, and seeing family and friends. 

Fun Fact: I’ve completed two Spartan races and I’m looking forward to my third. 


Susan Garcia, PharmD


Email: Susan.Garcia@ascension.org

Hometown: New York City, NY

Undergraduate Program and Degree/Major: Pre-pharmacy studies University of North Florida Jacksonville, FL

Pharmacy School:  University of Florida-Jacksonville campus

Medical Interests: Internal medicine, infectious disease, ambulatory care, management 

Why St. Vincent’s Riverside: The variety of electives that are available and flexibility in the schedule to accommodate a residents interests as well as the continuity of the staff after they complete a residency program here are some of the top reasons I chose St. Vincent’s. There are multiple teaching opportunities through schools of pharmacy and in precepting students as they complete their rotations and an emphasis on clinical research development. 

Career Goal: Apply for Ambulatory Care PGY2, become a board certified pharmacist in my area of interest and obtain a management/administration role

Interests/Hobbies: Running, traveling, spending time with my family and friends

Fun Fact: I am half Russian, half Ecuadorian and am the oldest of five kids 


Ricki Hemstreet, PharmD


Email: Ricki.Hemstreet@ascension.org

Hometown: Punta Gorda, FL

Undergraduate Program and Degree/Major: University of Florida, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Pharmacy School: University of Florida, Jacksonville Campus

Medical Interests: Oncology, ambulatory care, geriatrics

Why St. Vincent’s Riverside: Ambulatory Care Track PGY1, program emphasis on positive environment and mental health/resident wellness

Career Goal: Become an outpatient oncology pharmacist or ambulatory care pharmacist and pursue board certification in one of those areas 

Interests/Hobbies: nature, dog parks, painting, drawing, reading high fantasy, cooking new recipes

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Peru for 6 weeks in undergrad. and volunteered in a spanish-speaking emergency room and pharmacy 


Isabel Jacobs, PharmD


Email: Isabel.Jacobs@ascension.org

Hometown: Putnam Valley, NY

Undergraduate Program and Degree/Major: University of South Florida- Tampa, FL; BS in Biomedical Science 

Pharmacy School: Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy- Davie/Fort Lauderdale Campus 

Medical Interests: Critical care, cardiology, infectious disease, internal medicine 

Why St. Vincent’s Riverside: Publication opportunities, institutional recognition of excellence in research awards, diverse elective opportunities, informal and formal teaching opportunities, comprehensive critical care rotation experiences

Career Goal: Pursue a PGY2 in my area of interest, obtain board certification in my area of specialty, become a committed preceptor to pharmacy students 

Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, painting, shopping, enjoying time with family and my two cats 

Fun Fact: I wanted to major in marine biology prior to pursuing a career in pharmacy 


Arin Mitchell, PharmD


Email: Arin.Mitchell@ascension.org

Hometown: Maxville, FL

Undergraduate Program and Degree/Major: University of Florida, Bachelor of Science in Biology; Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Master of Medical Science

Pharmacy School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy

Medical Interests: Cardiology, medical emergencies

Why St. Vincent’s Riverside: St. Vincent’s heart for the underserved aligns with my values as a Christian and medical professional; this passion coupled with their commitment to excellence in research, patient care, and education made St. Vincent’s the perfect place for me to further my career as a pharmacist.

Career Goal: board certified clinical pharmacist

Interests/Hobbies: singing in church, raising and riding horses on the family farm, spending time with family and friends

Fun Fact: won first place out of hundreds of competitors at a singing competition; first prize was getting to open for Julianne Hough’s concert!


Nicole Rossi, PharmD


Email: Nicole.Rossi@ascension.org

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Undergraduate Program and Degree/Major: University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Pharmacy Prerequisites 

Pharmacy School: University of Florida, Jacksonville Campus

Medical Interests: Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine

Why St. Vincent’s Riverside: While attending pharmacy school in the Jacksonville area, I saw that St. Vincent’s is a leader in healthcare in our community. I also had great experiences interacting with the pharmacy staff during my interview and know that they value mental health and resident satisfaction throughout their program.

Career Goal: Becoming a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS), practicing in my field of interest, and precepting students. 

Interests/Hobbies: Yoga, enjoying the outdoors, reading, and visiting local restaurants and venues in Jacksonville.

Fun Fact: Growing up I had five English bulldogs at one time; hopefully I will have my own soon...