Graduation Requirements and Program Expectations

PGY2 Graduation Requirements

To receive a certificate of completion, the resident must complete at a minimum the following activities by 3 pm on the last of day of the program in order to be considered as having met the requirements for graduation:

  • Achieve 85% of program Goals and Objectives assessed as Achieved for Residency by the RAC (Residency Advisory Council) review of preceptor evaluations
  • All critical objectives are Achieved for Residency by the RAC review of preceptor evaluations
  • Complete a research project with results which includes presenting at a state or national conference (i.e., Florida Residency Conference), composing a written manuscript suitable for publication, and submitting either the manuscript for publication or an abstract for a poster presentation at a state or national meeting
  • Compile a medication use evaluation (MUE)
  • Complete a drug class review, drug monograph, treatment guideline, or protocol
  • Compose a newsletter or bulletin to healthcare providers
  • Present a Pharmacy Grand Rounds Presentation approved for 1 hour continuing education
  • Present a Continuing Education Program through an outside professional health care organization
  • Present two patient cases for Resident Interactive Teaching Experiences (RITEs)
  • Present four journal clubs (one per quarter)
  • Present at Northeast Florida Health System Pharmacist (NEFSHP) Residency Forum
  • Provide ACLS skills building training to PGY1 residents
  • Participate on an Ascension Health Workgroup (if available)
  • Complete the PGY2 Critical Care Topic Tracking Tool
  • Complete two community service projects
  • Obtain ACLS certification
  • Obtain PALS certification (optional)
  • Complete all PharmAcademic evaluations
  • Submit Resident Portfolio

 PGY2 Program Expectations

In addition to the graduation requirements, the PGY2 residents are expected to participate in the following activities:

  • Demonstrate compliance with all hospital and department policies and procedures
  • Participate in resident recruitment process and interviews
  • Perform practice coverage as assigned
  • Respond to Code Blues and Stroke Codes as appropriate
  • Precept and mentor students and PGY1 residents
  • Actively participate in topic and patient care discussions
  • Participate on the Emergency Preparedness Team if activated    
  • Attend and actively participate in weekly Resident Interactive Teaching Experiences (RITEs)
  • Lead the completion of one FSHP award application as a residency class
  • Attend and participate in ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Florida Residency Conference
  • Attend and present at ASHP Midyear Meeting Critical Care Networking Poster Session
  • Submit research for Florida Residency Conference Excellent in Research Award
  • Attend Pharmacy Critical Care Clinical Section
  • Attend System ICU Multidisciplinary Committee
  • Attend Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee, presenting as appropriate
  • Participate in Pharmacy Week