The rotation schedule for the 12-month PGY2 Residency Program includes:

• Orientation (4 week duration)

• Seven Core Rotations

• Elective Rotations (16 weeks)

• Research Block (2 week duration)

• ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting (1 week)

• Year End Wrap-Up Block (1 week)

Required Rotations

• Orientation (4 weeks)

• Medical Intensive Care I (6 weeks)

• Cardiac Intensive Care (6 weeks)

• Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)

• Infectious Disease (4 weeks)

• Parenteral Nutrition (4 weeks)

• Medical Intensive Care II (4 weeks)

Electives (16 weeks) 

• Antibiotic Stewardship/ Infectious Disease II

• Clinical Research

• Nephrology

• Pulmonology

• Pharmacy Informatics

• Pediatric Emergency Medicine*

• Toxicology*

• Surgical/Trauma Critical Care*

• Repeat any learning experience once

* Rotations at other healthcare facilities.  Availability of rotation is dependent upon the other program’s schedule.  The resident can take no more than two rotations outside the health system.

Longitudinal Rotations

  • Pharmacy Practice (Staffing)
    • Every third weekend
    • One major and two minor holidays
  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmacy Leadership/Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Medication use evaluation, Drug class review, Protocol development
    • Poster presentation at ASHP Midyear Meeting 
    • Newsletter articles

Additional Learning Opportunities

• Pharmacy Grand Rounds

• Continuing Education Program to Professional Health Care Organization

• Weekly Resident Meetings (Resident Interactive Teaching Experiences (RITEs))

• ACLS Skills Builder Training Sessions

• Critical Care and Pharmacy Committee Involvement

• Community Service Projects: two projects per year (i.e. brown bag events for local parishes and Mobile Health Outreach Ministries)

 • Teaching Curriculum (optional)

 • Student and PGY1 Resident Precepting